Polecam Jib Hire

For cameras up to 4kgs or 9lbs, Polecam is designed to offer more jibs shots per day due to its lightweight design. Giving you increased production value. The remote pan and tilt head is now 'Ultra' electronically stabilised with a full 360 degree control.
The maximum length is 7 metres and takes just minutes to reduce this in increments of 1/2 metre down to 1 metre.
With certain cameras, the Polecam can easily be used in a multi camera studio with full RCP control and tally.

Cliff Diving in TexasPolecam benefits

• Capable of using medium sized Cine style cameras like Sony FX5, Arri Mini and Antelope Pico
• 4ft to 25ft reach, taking just minutes to change
• Lightweight, easy to re-locate, offers more jib shots per day
• Perfect for close up work as the small camera head doesn't get in the way
• Ideal for restrictive locations such as small boats, gardens, houses, up a tree, down a cave or even dangling from a construction crane basket in the Panama rain forest!
• Its slimline design means it is very discreet and safe in public areas
• Requires just a single operator
• Fits inside a regular car and is perfect for airline travel
• Just 3 cases!
• 3D capable

RedBull Cliff Diving - Polecam

RedBull Cliff Diving - Polecam

Ibiza Rocks - Polecam

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