Jimmy Jib & Polecam Owner / Operator - John Gillan

For all your Jimmy Jib & Polecam requirements. John at JG Broadcast Jibs Ltd can supply the right jib for your needs.
Contact John for fast and friendly advice.

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With bases in the UK and the USA, John has over 25 years broadcast experience as a jib operator and cameraman.
John is recognised as one of the most experienced Polecam jib operators in the world. He has been credited with a Technical Emmy for his Polecam work and he is also a dab hand with his Jimmy Jib too.
With regular broadcast and corporate work for clients in the UK, USA and Europe, John has a reputable team of additional operators to offer a unique and creative service to clients.

Equipment available

Jimmy JibJimmy Jib Camera Crane

The Jimmy Jib Triangle is an industry standard jib and can support cameras up to 50lbs. Large & sturdy, its modular design means it can be configured from a 6ft to 40ft reach. It is built on a moveable dolly and requires around 1-2 hours to build depending on location and length. It normally requires a 2 man crew to build but can be set-up and operated by a single operator under certain conditions.
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PolecamPolecam Camera Crane

Polecam is a unique portable and versatile jib that uses the latest carbon fibre materials and camera technology to make this the longest and lightest portable jib capable of using all your favourite cameras. With a full 360degree pan/tilt head the Polecam has a fast setup 20min setup and can relocate very quickly without breaking down. It allows you to put a jib just about anywhere.
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A premium Wirecam camera system that's capable of carrying loads up to 30lbs over 35mph between 2 fixed points to give dynamic tracking shots from overhead or alongside the subject.
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Johnn Gillan
JG Broadcast Jibs Ltd
Email John@jgbroadcast.tv
Telephone / Whatsapp +44 7801 478 280